Not much really to write today.  Certainly nothing exercise wise.  Like I mentioned previously, I used to ride everyday, as if it was the be all and end all.  Perhaps I just am not good enough to make that work for me, but that isn’t who I am anymore.  This is a good thing, it means I have time to do other things!

Because of living in two places and travelling lots, I decided a while back that the way forward for me would be to join a DVD library.  The films would mean that flight delays would pass a lot quicker if I could pull the laptop out and escape into a movie for a while.  It also means in Germany I don’t have to put up with utterly appalling German TV (with advert breaks SO long you can do the dishes, and take a shower without missing any of the show).

Recently, seem to be having a bit of a Vegas vibe going on.  A colleague the other day was at my German place, and pulled Oceans 11 off the shelf, declaring that we had to watch it again.  I must say, having been to Vegas twice, Vegas movies are a lot more enjoyable.

Gratuitous picture of Vegas

Gratuitous picture of Vegas

Tonight, I had 21 in the disc spinner.  Click the link for the site and the trailer.  I have to say, a good, feel good movie.  Spacey is good, Sturgess is better.  The soundtrack is also great, and up to date.

I also watched Cloverfield the other day.  Now that surprised me how much I enjoyed it.  I must confess, a lot of time I add things to my ‘to rent’ list without reading anything about them.  I just take a chance.  The DVDs don’t come with the original sleeve either, so until you are a little way into the a movie, you could get anything.  I think for a monster movie, such as Cloverfield, this is the ONLY way to approach it.

I thought it was well put together.  The first person narative and ‘handycam’ perspective made it more real.  I don’t really like monster movies, so I was surprised to find myself recommending this.

Other recent movies will appear on these pages from time to time, and I will try to get a list going.  I am currently watching about 3 movies every 7 days – which is quite a lot really!

21 Trailer

Cloverfield Trailer

Cloverfield polarises opinion….. which is usually a good thing!


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