Daily Archives: December 8, 2008


The Pretty One is back at home now.  She flew FRA LHR last night, took the train to the airport, but forgot her purse in my car.  So I had to drive to the airport (85 miles) anyway.  D’oh!  Just what you want to do on a Sunday night!  It meant that my turbo training session had to be cancelled that I had planned for last night (yeah right, like I hadn’t planned to sit on the couch and watch a DVD!)

To make up for the lack of bike related exercise over the weekend (we had a good walk in the forest yesterday), I decided to commute through the freezing fog this morning.  The worst thing about commuting?!  Remembering everything!  I got here and realised I had no shoes….  so after a bit of scratching around I found these downstairs in the samples room.  They are my size too.  Cycling shoes for the entire day for me!

Not Ideal

Not Ideal

Will post again later!