The Pretty One is back at home now.  She flew FRA LHR last night, took the train to the airport, but forgot her purse in my car.  So I had to drive to the airport (85 miles) anyway.  D’oh!  Just what you want to do on a Sunday night!  It meant that my turbo training session had to be cancelled that I had planned for last night (yeah right, like I hadn’t planned to sit on the couch and watch a DVD!)

To make up for the lack of bike related exercise over the weekend (we had a good walk in the forest yesterday), I decided to commute through the freezing fog this morning.  The worst thing about commuting?!  Remembering everything!  I got here and realised I had no shoes….  so after a bit of scratching around I found these downstairs in the samples room.  They are my size too.  Cycling shoes for the entire day for me!

Not Ideal

Not Ideal

Will post again later!

2 responses to “Shoes

  1. I know the feeling of commuting to work and having that thought in your head…. I know I’m forgetting something but you just continue.

    Like socks for instance. I had to wear my red stripy football socks under my work trousers! It doesn’t give the greatest impression in the office.

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