Daily Archives: December 12, 2008


I have realised that my job in this part of the season, is not that interesting. It is Christmas and there is the build up to that. There is the Christmas party coming up, which promises to, well, be messy. It is a Knight’s banquet. What precisely this means I don’t know, as German food is a lot of meat and salt anyway. I expect this will go more in that direction. Personally I am expecting mead and some sort of pig with an apple in its mouth on the table. So that is next Thursday. I think that some exercise is definitely called for before then!

In other news I am trying to decide if I should get an iPhone or not. I mean, it is a nice toy, and I have been offered a good deal, BUT is it just a toy when I need a phone?! That is perhaps a question that I need to ask everyone out there!