It wasn’t riding with Tom Danielson, but….

Well the ride today wasn’t like riding with Tom Danielson like my buddy Jeff got to, but it wasn’t like I rode with the local Sunday club either! Two former A class (Cat 1) license holders, one Continental Pro, Team Topeak Ergon’s team manager, myself and one of the brother’s from the other guys. I wasn’t the weakest there, so that was pleasing. It would have been nice had I have had any energy bars to take with me, but unfortunately I had appeared to have eaten them all! This meant that I only had a gel with me… and some cheap Aldi cereal bars. Not great.

I got to our meeting point at work at 9.33 (the three minutes of lateness is something my German friends have had to get used to from me). Dirk, and Sascha were already there, although Dirk at least had the good sense to not add the 20 mile to his journey by riding to the meeting point and back. I suppose having the team bus helps this decision!

Team Bus

Team Bus

It was cold this morning.  In fact it was cold the whole day.  Temperatures were around freezing point, and a little above in certain areas.  With the sun, we were seeing plus 6 degrees…. but turn a corner and immediately in a sheltered area, the temp would be a lot lower.  The ride left work and then crossed the Rhine river over a railway bridge, with a wooden walkway to ride over.  There is a danger with this bridge that a slat or two might be missing, so I didn’t want to take a photo.  It is also about two bars width wide.  Not a good place to bin it!  At the other end we picked up the other riders.

Impressive bridge

Impressive bridge

I decided to ride my own pace… which actually means attacking at stupid moments, then suffering for the rest of the climb.  For me, that is enjoyable.  If I got spat out the back as a result, I had told myself that I would allow them to wait…. if it happened again, I would make my own way home.  It didn’t.

The ride route I would love to tell you.  But I can’t.  Not because I am keeping secrets, but more because that was the point.  I don’t really know many good rides around here!  I just don’t know my way around, and I really don’t pay any attention to the names of towns that I ride through.  What I do know is that I was apprehensive, because this was by far the longest ride i have done for a while.  What I had forgotten is how much easier group riding is.

The ride saw a fair amount of climbing, with a max gradient of 11% (and 15% on one of the descents).  I think the highest we got was about 370m above sea level.  Certainly it was above the snow line.

Real Snow

Real Snow

When we got back, I had 110.49km on my bike computer.  I would love to give you all of the details about the max temperature and a profile… but since there is no software for my Mac to pull that off the computer, I am a little stuck.  Certainly dropping the bike computer on the stairs on the way up to my apartment didn’t help either!

More pics….

Yes, it takes a lot of cleaning

Yes, it takes a lot of cleaning

Perfect winter weather

Perfect winter weather

This is one of the reasons for being here!

This is one of the reasons for being here!

My evening has been completely uneventful.  Lots of food, and not much else.  The bike is a state, but I can’t be bothered to clean it right now.  I am thinking about bed now, and it is 9.35pm!


3 responses to “It wasn’t riding with Tom Danielson, but….

  1. Nice post. 🙂 Cool pics.

  2. The Pretty One

    lovely pics you! Looks like you had a good time. I hate that bridge over the Rhine with the wooden walkway…

  3. Attacking is always fun on roads you don’t know! and then paying for it ; – )

    Weather looks mighty cold going by the big winter gloves

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