Daily Archives: December 19, 2008

Travelling FRA LHR

So the airport is pretty full…. my bags are on the way to the plane as I write this, from the lounge.  Came as a bit of a shock to have to queue to check in today too… I am not used to that.  The other BC and FTLs didn’t seem to be either!

Going home for Christmas!  Horrah… so looking forward to seeing The Pretty One in a couple of ours.  Unfortunately I will be bikeless for two weeks.  Running shoes are packed, so I need to expore the area aound the new flat to see if there is anywhere worth jogging…..  perhaps a gym membership is also in order.

Really tired today as a result of the banquet last night.  I am not going to write much about that, expect to post these pictures!

Meat, and... meat.

Meat, and... meat.

Ergonomics Academy

Quite a lot to catch up on really, not least of all the interior of that hotel….. Oh, and the beautiful area it was in…. this is a picture out of the restaurant window.

Fit Expert

Beautiful setting

The day itself was quite interesting. Theoretical cycling of the highest order! Actually, having a room full of ergonomics and bike fit specialists, as well as materials engineers was really something else, even if it did leave you with more questions than answers by the end. It is clear what people need to be more comfortable on bikes, what isn’t clear is how to achieve that…. I will hand it over to the designers and product managers!

Body scanning bike fit

Body scanning bike fit

It was motivating, although I think a lot was kind of old ground for some of us.  The theory was good, but practical (free bike fitting) might be better!