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I have realised that my job in this part of the season, is not that interesting. It is Christmas and there is the build up to that. There is the Christmas party coming up, which promises to, well, be messy. It is a Knight’s banquet. What precisely this means I don’t know, as German food is a lot of meat and salt anyway. I expect this will go more in that direction. Personally I am expecting mead and some sort of pig with an apple in its mouth on the table. So that is next Thursday. I think that some exercise is definitely called for before then!

In other news I am trying to decide if I should get an iPhone or not. I mean, it is a nice toy, and I have been offered a good deal, BUT is it just a toy when I need a phone?! That is perhaps a question that I need to ask everyone out there!



The videos are the wrong format, and my skills aren’t that good yet! I will work on it!

Night ride videos

Last night we had our latest nightride.  Quite surprisingly, in sub zero temperatures, we had seven people riding.  The ride itself was quite slow as a result (owing to the different abilities there).  There are some video which should come soon.

On a different note, I heard today that the building work at my place just outside London is nearly finished.  This means that The Pretty One and I can finally move out of the stasis that living separately for the past two years has put our relationship in.

For work at the moment, I am planning a trip to Japan sometime in spring.


The Pretty One is back at home now.  She flew FRA LHR last night, took the train to the airport, but forgot her purse in my car.  So I had to drive to the airport (85 miles) anyway.  D’oh!  Just what you want to do on a Sunday night!  It meant that my turbo training session had to be cancelled that I had planned for last night (yeah right, like I hadn’t planned to sit on the couch and watch a DVD!)

To make up for the lack of bike related exercise over the weekend (we had a good walk in the forest yesterday), I decided to commute through the freezing fog this morning.  The worst thing about commuting?!  Remembering everything!  I got here and realised I had no shoes….  so after a bit of scratching around I found these downstairs in the samples room.  They are my size too.  Cycling shoes for the entire day for me!

Not Ideal

Not Ideal

Will post again later!

Christmas markets

Christmas time in Koblenz.  The Pretty One is here, so her and I went around the town’s markets, drinking gluehwein, and feeling the Christmas vibe.  We left for Sushi and an evening at home.

The markets.


Not much really to write today.  Certainly nothing exercise wise.  Like I mentioned previously, I used to ride everyday, as if it was the be all and end all.  Perhaps I just am not good enough to make that work for me, but that isn’t who I am anymore.  This is a good thing, it means I have time to do other things!

Because of living in two places and travelling lots, I decided a while back that the way forward for me would be to join a DVD library.  The films would mean that flight delays would pass a lot quicker if I could pull the laptop out and escape into a movie for a while.  It also means in Germany I don’t have to put up with utterly appalling German TV (with advert breaks SO long you can do the dishes, and take a shower without missing any of the show).

Recently, seem to be having a bit of a Vegas vibe going on.  A colleague the other day was at my German place, and pulled Oceans 11 off the shelf, declaring that we had to watch it again.  I must say, having been to Vegas twice, Vegas movies are a lot more enjoyable.

Gratuitous picture of Vegas

Gratuitous picture of Vegas

Tonight, I had 21 in the disc spinner.  Click the link for the site and the trailer.  I have to say, a good, feel good movie.  Spacey is good, Sturgess is better.  The soundtrack is also great, and up to date.

I also watched Cloverfield the other day.  Now that surprised me how much I enjoyed it.  I must confess, a lot of time I add things to my ‘to rent’ list without reading anything about them.  I just take a chance.  The DVDs don’t come with the original sleeve either, so until you are a little way into the a movie, you could get anything.  I think for a monster movie, such as Cloverfield, this is the ONLY way to approach it.

I thought it was well put together.  The first person narative and ‘handycam’ perspective made it more real.  I don’t really like monster movies, so I was surprised to find myself recommending this.

Other recent movies will appear on these pages from time to time, and I will try to get a list going.  I am currently watching about 3 movies every 7 days – which is quite a lot really!

21 Trailer

Cloverfield Trailer

Cloverfield polarises opinion….. which is usually a good thing!

Singing in the woods

Riding yesterday was strange.  One of those rides where all of us in the office had been offering up different reasons for not going.

Head of R&D for example: “I crashed my cross bike at the weekend and my shoulder hurts” or Ergon Outdoor International Sales “I need to get the design for winter ISPO’s booth, wont be able to make it”.  Fact is it has rained pretty much non-stop for the last week.  I actually think it is dryer in the UK!

A few of us (Topeak Ergon’s Team Manager, an Ergon Designer and myself) gritted our teeth, kitted up and met at the railway station.

Night riding always has a surreal edge to it.  Things are just ‘different’ riding after dark.  It is very easy to get lost, and to ride at any speed the concentration required as you try to combine your memory of the trail ahead with what you are seeing just in front of you.  Add to that the goings on in the woods, such as the wild nocturnal animals, hunters, steamed up cars (!) and it is a really is a different experience.  As if that isn’t trippy enough, imagine being greeted by this:

After disturbing them (a singing group of children, and an adult wearing festive clothes) taking pictures, we continued up to the highest point in the forest before running the snowy gauntlet back down.

Rigid forks for me!

Old School Rigid forks for me!  It was icy, and someone over cooked one of the corners (not me).  Big grins all round though.

Super super tired today, and really struggling with getting the images to look right in this post.  Very much looking forward to the weekend – my gf is in town.  3 weeks since we saw each other.  Not sure what priority my bikes will get!