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Another traveling day

Today was my second day of traveling. Well actually after the tunnel yesterday I got up relatively early from my warm bed into a very cold apartment and went straight to the office – on a Saturday – while I had been in London I had turned my heating right down, and forgotten to ask my neighbour to turn it back up – it wasn’t so important as I was only there for one night – but the outside temp of under freezing meant that a hot water bottle was my best friend last night!

The office was necessary because there are certain ‘admin’ things that you just can’t do if you aren’t in the country. Once I sorted those out it was off to the railway station to get the ICE (German high speed train) to Munich, which took 5 hours. I like this train (being a bit of a transport geek) and breezing along at 279km/h is the reason that I prefer it to driving. I am now in my second hotel room of the year (there will be a fair amount of counting on this blog).

Tomorrow is the first day of Winter ISPO. I am an assitant at this show. Bike products aren’t ptesented.



Yesterday I exploited one of the advantages of living back in London (okay, just outside) by going to one of the many free Museums.

The pretty one and myself visited the Nature Photographer of the Year exhibition, and as always it was fantastic. I find it really makes you want to purchase good photographic equipment to take similar shots, well until you learn the photographer waited for 5hours to take THAT shot in the freezing cold. Then suddenly you think again!

Right now I am at the Channel Tunnel to catch the train off this island. It is an odd experience with none of the romance that sailing it has. It is super effecient though.

One out SOLD

My pride and joy has moved on.

My pride and joy has moved on.

All gone, sold and dusted.  The best bike I have ever had.

Show time

My professional life usually consists of lots of bike shows, discussions with distributors, shop owners and reps. I sell quantities of product to people who sell quantities of product to people who run shops, who place it in the hands of people who work in shops, like bikes, but not have any vague idea of retail who then sell it to the consumer. It is a long chain with a lot of noise to confuse things. Generally though they are all nice people, which makes it all more pleasant.

Today was a trade only show near the Silverstone race circuit. Core Bike takes place in a fantastic Five Star hotel, and the majority of the UK distributors attend. It is a relaxed affair, and certainly less hectic than say London Cycle.

For me it was great to speak to UK shop owners and see their perspective on our products, and also on the financial situation effecting, or threatening to effect everyone. I also caught up with the owner of my old LBS, and we are now thinking about doing something together with them and the brand.

Back in the USSR

Not quite the USSR, but the UK and I drove from Germany. What is beautiful about this drive is that you realise just how close everything in Europe is. Driving through Belgium you see signs for Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Paris and Luxemburg.

I don’t write much at the moment because cycling related I am not really doing a huge amount, to my shame. I have other priorities in the UK with a house to decorate, so my biking fix isn’t happening as much as it should

Financial Crisis Means More Riding

This industry looks well set – quote from Bike Europe (Trade Only Industry Magazine).

“The national cyclists association CTC (in the UK) predicts that because of the credit crunch the number of miles cycled in Britain will increase by 40% while the number of commuters cycling to work has increased by 3.3million since the start of the financial crisis last september.”

That must mean that sales will increase in the UK, right?!

Is this wrong?

I ventured out today.  Put on all the clothes I own and went out of the door.  I got cold!

In Germany I live right by a river.  Not just any river, but the Rhine river.  An industrial superhighway carrying thousands of tonnes of good daily between Holland and Switzerland…. and everywhere along the way.

The photos here and evidence of the cold.

Is it just me who feels sorry for these Swans?  Look at the ice!

Titanic flashbacks