Another traveling day

Today was my second day of traveling. Well actually after the tunnel yesterday I got up relatively early from my warm bed into a very cold apartment and went straight to the office – on a Saturday – while I had been in London I had turned my heating right down, and forgotten to ask my neighbour to turn it back up – it wasn’t so important as I was only there for one night – but the outside temp of under freezing meant that a hot water bottle was my best friend last night!

The office was necessary because there are certain ‘admin’ things that you just can’t do if you aren’t in the country. Once I sorted those out it was off to the railway station to get the ICE (German high speed train) to Munich, which took 5 hours. I like this train (being a bit of a transport geek) and breezing along at 279km/h is the reason that I prefer it to driving. I am now in my second hotel room of the year (there will be a fair amount of counting on this blog).

Tomorrow is the first day of Winter ISPO. I am an assitant at this show. Bike products aren’t ptesented.



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