Daily Archives: February 1, 2009

Winter ISPO Munich Germany

The company I work for isn’t only about bike, we do a pretty cool line in Outdoor and Winter Sport backpacks. It is these packs which are being presented by us at the show. The International Sales Manager Outdoor argued that although it isn’t my area, speaking fluent German and being an English native speaker I am the ideal person to work the show. It is my own fault. I presented and explained the system here two years back to him when he came to our stand and encountered the company for the first time.

The Outdoor market is a little alien to me. There is some crossover but I am really only at the very edge of it. This makes the show interesting because it is different and I feel a lot like an outsider looking in. What amazes me though is the variety of sports covered, and the way that sports evolve. Take slack lining for example. Like tightrope walking but on an tensioned nylon band, it has brought what was a circus trick to a wider and more radical audience. That this is presented next to a company doing hiking boots adds to the flavour meaning that there is a real mix. I do feel a little like a fish out of water. My huge skiing experience (twice – both last year) helps very little though.

It is all, however, pretty cool.