Daily Archives: February 6, 2009

Back to London

Writing this from the tube on my way back home from the airport. I flew into London City, which on reflection was a mistake. Heathrow Is about 15mins from our house on a good day, but instead I chose rush hour London on the tube. Nowhere near home and have been on the ground an hour! On the other hand travelling on the Tube, particularly taking the central line to Ealing Broadway (one of the end stops) reminds me of when I used to work centrally any my rest weeks from training when I would take the Tube to work. The peope on the tube amaze me. Thousands of very very indistinguishable people, utterly bored by their tube journey. The Tube too impressed me, in that it works at all – it is so old and overcrowded. Those of you using it on a daily basis, you deserve respect.