The rules change

People don’t speak to other people in London. Entering into conversation on public transport labels you weird and a freak. It unsettles people. That is unless it is the last tube or train of the night on a Saturday. The trains are high-spirited, with a heady, drunken mix of people dashing home, and people avoiding cab fares. On these trains, strangers will obstruct the doors preventing the train moving off before as many people as possible are aboard. People who would ignore each other on any other day if the week sit and chat about their evenings. So last night, on my way back from Sosho this is how I ended up wearing some strangers wig!

Pictures on application!

On a bus now, traveling from Turin, up into the mountains for a week’s skiing with The Pretty One.

Italy – my 6th country in 2009.


One response to “The rules change

  1. I don’t think people would like me in London. I’d be correctly labeled the “overfriendly american.” hahaha. It’s true!

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