Planes crash

It is, unfortunately, a fact of life.  And as the Stereophonics wrote “the more you fly, the more you risk your life”.  Today tragically saw the loss of 9 lives in Schiphol, Amsterdam.  It is unclear what happened at the moment, but the lack of fire on a broken up plane usually suggests that there wasn’t any fuel present.  Pure conjecture though.

I fly lots.  And I love flying.  Great fun.  Even airports are kind of cool, even when you are stuck in them (which is crap at the time, but airports – or big airports, have an energy and an excitement).  Last year I flew about 60 times.  I would say four fifths of those flights were Star Alliance flights.  The plane in Amsterdam today was.  The plane in the Hudson was, and the horrific crash in Spain was.  Does it worry me?  No.  The loss of life is tragic, and awful, but I still feel perfectly safe.

I have just talked to The Pretty One about just this.  She suggested getting (as a joke) a parachute as hand luggage.  Can you imagine security checking that?

“what’s this?”

“A parachute”

“Planning on leaving early are you sir?  Step this way please.  Your passport….. no you wont be needing that anymore today”.

As for the alternatives to flying – there really aren’t any.  Trains are good, but a little too unpredictable.  Cars – well, that really is (statistically) roulette.

Next flight for me is Sunday.


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