Daily Archives: March 1, 2009

Getting my life back

I’m not riding at the moment. Not touched a bike this year in fact. Shameful isn’t it? What happened to my good intentions? Well, not having a bike in the UK (where I been for the last two weeks) doesn’t help. Nor does having a flat that needs a never ending list of jobs doing on it. What I have been doing though is trying to get my life back.

I have been living in Germany for two years. Although I have been travelling backwards and forwards, there is only so much rushing around to meet up with friends, family and loved ones that you can do. It is all the travel getting to and from places, and the desire at times to just stay still. It meant that for the past two years many friendships, even my most valued, had to be put on hold. I’ve been concentrating this year on changing this.

I had a lunch today with school friends. Good friends, dear friends and people who I have known in cases over half my life. The time that had passed though, since all of us sat around a table together was 10 years. That was a huge shock, especially as none of us really seemed very different. Conversation had switched from passing driving tests, to mortgages and house ownership. The latest thing to be excited about was no longer if we were going to this party or that party, but where in the World we had all Scuba dived (a passion we all appear to have developed seperately from each other). It was fun, and yet too short. For all the wonderful things in my life, it is these people, my friends , who I have unwittingly neglected. It is something I will change.