Last night I flew into Taiwan. The second country on this tour and one which I already have a fondness for. Perhaps it is the business partners I have here, and how friendly they all are? Perhaps it is the Taiwanese lust for life.

Last night I ventured out near the hotel. Sundays are buzzing, and street vendors sell food to pavement restaurants. I wasn’t feeling that brave without The Pretty One to he my hand, so opted for a small restaurant instead. Dinner was 6 euros. The blowfish cost about 3x that!

Taiwan is a great city, and I was lucky enough to be able to get out for a jog this morning. Enjoy the pics.


One response to “Taiwan

  1. The Pretty One

    what amazing pictures sweetie!
    Looks like you’re having an amazing time so far. That electronics store does look like mayhem – odd that you snapped a western guy right in front of you when everyone else seems to be japanese! Coincidence??
    As for the street vendors, get out there and try stuff!! You know they make for the tastiest and most memorable treats!! xx

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