Daily Archives: March 17, 2009

Show day one

Strange things trade shows. Before I was ‘Industry’, they were exciting, and about products – shiney products that got me excited. I would take lots and lots of pictures and try to get the scoop. Now it is about people. Our distributors, partners and suppliers. It is about business and expensive dinners. It is about 12 hour days followed by another 3 days of the same. I get access to cool product and information about new concepts – but no pictures – I can’t. That isn’t what this blog is for though.

My day today was spent talking to the Brazilians, Belgians, the distributors in Taiwan, Singapore and conversations with Giant, Brompton and other brands.

I also got a chance to catch up with my friends at Pinhead and Mountain Cycle – friendships made stronger by the fact that we seem to follow each other around yet never have the same schedule.

Tonight, like last night, dinner is at the Hyatt. The food is amazing and the hotel is stunning but I feel somewhat cocooned from what this country really is. We will dine like kings in the type of restaurant that normally you may go to once a year. I know it sounds really fantastic, but I would love to be able, more that anything, to cook a quiet meal for myself. It will be at least 8 days before I can! I know some of you reading this may be able to relate!