Show Day Two

The show continues.  Lots of meetings today, and then a very posh dinner (I wore a suit) this evening.

There is a nervousness about the industry at the moment, and I think it is more to do with retailers than distributors.  The small shops with poor cashflow are likely to feel the effects of the dreaded credit crunch, and the less fluid shops are putting off payment and ordering.

No one really knows what will happen in the long run over this year.  Either in big business or this small cottage industry, it is anyones guess.  As a brand though, I think it is important to remain positive.  People need hobbies.  They need the regular escape that they provide, and being at the higher end of the market, we are well positioned.  People find the money when it is about emotions, passions and, if I am any measure, bicycles.

Alien Cow

Alien Cow

I will leave you with this photo…..  Taipei is a strange place!

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