Show Day Three – Patent and IP Infringement

I try to keep the name of the brand that I work for off this blog. Not through shame or anything like that, but more because this is not intended as being some sort of marketing tool for us. It is about my experiences within the bike industry and the job I do. Sometimes though it is difficult, because without knowing what we do, you may not understand the issues that I am dealing with. We are a brand that makes grips and it is these high end grips that allow me to live the life that I lead. What upsets me is that the brand that I work for came up with grips that are a different type of category. We ‘invented’ this type of grip and people try to replicate our success. I don’t mind this, I think in fact that it is good that people do this. It actually raises the awareness for many people of our products. What upsets me though is blatant copying. Today I found a product that was almost a carbon copy of one of our best selling items. They had even stolen the name, and – most infuriating for me personally, re-printed my text related to the product. My words. My IP. Of course we confronted them about it. The company – I think – is China based, and to make a scene at a trade show such as this would be very embarrassing for them. It is, however, precisely what I did. I asked them straight out why tehy felt it was okay to steal from us. I asked them if they have no shame. I asked them what they had done with their pride. Then I took their business card for our patent attorney.



One response to “Show Day Three – Patent and IP Infringement

  1. Give ’em Hell!

    And BTW, I used to ride with these:

    Picked up a pair of these to rebuild my ’76 Redline with:

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