Taipei show is over, will pricing and economy kill the high end?

“Times are hard… Noone knows what the future holds… We’re worried, people aren’t spending”

The industry seems to be just as worried as everyone else. There is hope but also worry. Shops will go under and take at least part of the inventory with them. You know what though, hearing it is part of the problem and this is what we all need to focus on. Products are good, and all in all cycling is a positive thing. If the mindset is right I am sure that we having nothing to worry about. Negativity breeds negativity.

I had a very successful show. I was less busy than say Eurobike and Taipei Cycle last year. I think I got the balance right. Packing the show back to front with meetings may be a good way to do it on paper, but in fact it is the contacts you make at a show like this that oil the wheels of this industry. Favours, marketing, networking, these always sound like unproductive ways of blagging, but end up leading to more sales and projects than anyone is likely to give them credit for. Downhill riders within the industry testing our grips, industry international sales managers carrying their laptop in one of our packs rather than a laptop case. It will further the brand.

Today it is a non bike industry day. Breakfast was had with our head of the US Market. Our jobs are similar, but that will be the only work related experience today. This afternoon I am meeting with a friend who lives here and getting out of the city. I will post more later.


2 responses to “Taipei show is over, will pricing and economy kill the high end?

  1. Good posts Worksrider from the last few days! Have a good trip back.

    Jeff K
    Ergon USA

  2. Thanks Jeff, been trying to put the time in!

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