Catching up

Being back in the UK more us a godsend. It is still fragmented, and not without it’s stresses, but is infinitely preferable to the alternative.

Friday was wet. After a week of preferable weather (which allowed me us to go for a run on Thursday night) the bank holiday weather seemed sent to aggravate. The Pretty One was working an early shift, and my intention was to return to Crowthorne to revisit the singletrack handling skills school which it seems to be. The prospect of the filth and filling the car with mud was unappealing. I sat around for a while debating with myself. I switched on the TV to be greater by a non-cyclist on a well known TV programme riding across London in dull and damp weather. It inspired me to kit up and scout the local area.

There are a couple of rivers near where I live. The Thames and The Jubilee river. The latter is actually flood relief for the former. It is man made and forms a bird sanctury. At both sides it is flanked by cycle paths, which while utterly unchallenging allow you to get away from traffic and ride for about five or six miles. In the rain, despite it being a bank holiday, this was as good as deserted. At times, like I have written in the past, riding is just about having fun, this time it was about freedom. it was also about taking the heart rate up a bit.  The way home was from Maidenhead, down the Thames path to Windsor and Eton, through Eton’s ground and back to the flat.  A pretty good little ride of about an hour and fifteen.  No one is going to get super fit from it, but every little helps, right?

I did the same ride again on Monday with slightly more pace which allowed me to feel justified in the huge amount of food I had eaten.

Saturday saw me visiting Windsor castle with The Pretty One and three friends.  This is something that I really needed to do, having not been there for 15 years or so.  What is good is the ticket is valid for re-entry for a year following your initial visit.


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