An old friend

The Internet is a strang place. Less geeky by the hour. The joys of many areas, such as the mass interactivity of forums, for example, have been reinvented, sanitised and had pretty pictures added, themes and moderation largely removed, and become Facebook. A socially acceptable forum.

I have been a major forum user in the past. Far from being the waste of time that many seem to think they are, their use can be beneficial. They were a major stepping stone to my working in the industry.

The title of this post refers to my posting again on my favourite forum. I love it for what it was, and grieve it in the same way one wishes that you could go out with all your friends again, just once, with all your secondary school buddies like you did when you were eighteen. It is unrealistic to develop in your own way, and yet desire that the things around you remain the same. I miss the real friendships, bonds and banter, but recognize they are still there for the making. I miss my friend Felix, and the conversations we used to have. Yet the regression he would need to undertake to to through it all again is something I wouldn’t wish on anyone.

All a bit philosophical this post. Still moving house, and have a fuzzy head.


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