An early start for me, with the alarm going at 4.55am.  A taxi to the airport with Five Star Cars, Windsor, this time a massive Volvo Saloon car.  I love the vehicles they have!  I am now sat in the railway station in Frankfurt Airport.  A 4.55am start, losing an hour, and then the rail connections, means that I will get to the office for the crack of 12 noon.  I know, it is a joke!

I still don’t have anywhere to live in Germany at the moment.  I am sleeping on sofas, and hoping that I don’t outstay my welcome.  This is the last couple of weeks doing this, and in fact, it is only going to be ten days.  Then I plan to return to the UK, and I hope to have a new road bike by then.  This will come with me, and then maybe…. just maybe… I can get fit!
Ahead of me is the bike festival Willingen, next weekend.  I haven’t a clue how I am getting there, but I hope to take my Klein, and do some riding.  It is such a great bike, it would be a shame not to.


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