Brussels and other things

So I have been off to Brussels to see a friend of mine who was over from Mexico. Working for the European Commission seems to have its perks, and Germany’s obsession with bank holidays mean that I had a day off.

My friend is a keen cyclist, and it is great to get her opinions about things. Honest feedback about our products from expert users who aren’t part of the industry isn’t always easy to get. Mind you, it was more of a trip for a bit of a chin wag.

I also stayed with another friend, who I have only seen a couple of times since university. I suppose this is the advantage of studying languages – I have friends all over the place.

I have decided, however, that Brussels is not for me! The traffic situation is fairly dire, and it is very expensive!

This weekend I intend to do some riding, and then there is the Willingen Bike Festival. That should be interesting.

As for the new bike… well it is getting there. I will be back in the UK to finish it off I think, and then I am there for three weeks.

Still living on sofas here. 😦

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