Daily Archives: June 13, 2009


Oh how I love my Klein. The bike gets better and better with every upgrade.

The bike is from 2002, technically a Trek made Klein, but it was still made in the old Klein factory, or rather the frame is, and recently I fitted disc brakes to it, and wow, if I could just find a frameset in this league which is modern day full suspension, that would be awesome.

Rode through the forest today, single track and technical, and just tried not to hit the brakes. Three hours.

Tomorrow it is the Willingen festival. Like Sea Otter, but German, not in California and not as cool, relaxed or as good! Ha ha!

Modern technology

I don’t know what they were doing either! Trying to pump the Rhine dry? You’d think that with the hugely expensive taxes in Germany, the fire brigade would be better equipped (not to mention the 14 year old firemen).