Daily Archives: June 29, 2009

New bike heaven

So I have been away in Scotland, and then there as a week back at home just outside London. It was good week, with a lot of work to do, both work work and work on the flat. As always being here brings a lot of different tasks and hats that I have to wear.

Finally the bike storage is ready. This is awesome for me, because it means that bikes are no longer in the living room, and that I don’t have to clean them straight away, as soon as I get home. Also, and this is important. As much as I love bikes, I enjoy not having them in my sight all of the time.

With regards to the bike love, the new one is finished. Unfortunately I don’t have scales here, so I am guessing the weight at around 6.4kg…. perhaps a little more. Honestly, I am not as weight obsessed as I once was and the bike itself doesn’t ride lighter than the old one (6.63kg). That said, I am spoilt. I mean these are awesome machines, far more bike than I will ever need.

I have been doing a bit of riding of course, with a 50mile cruise yesterday through the undulations of Berkshire. It felt great.

I have things ahead of me this week. The Pretty One’s Birthday and a trip to Italy too.