Back in Germany

I keep forgetting to write here about what is going on with me. Well I am back in Germany at the moment, and I have an apartment. It is small, and cooking facilities are somewhat basic (as is the kitchen) but it is my own four walls. This is clearly a step forward and, as the sun is shining that also makes me happy.

Talking to The Pretty One on the phone, it appears that the bike shed, dubbed The Armoury (security has been taken fairly seriously) was a great addition in London. Her two days off this week have been used well, and she is becoming a bit of a cyclist. Having the bikes there of course is key to this. Apparently my Giro Atmos, and Team kit is good stuff (who would have thought) and her enjoyment has benefitted from it.

Tonight I will hit the trails. It is the first time riding in about 10 days. I took last week off work to ride and watch the Tour de France on TV, but was struck down and bed ridden for the week with something that may well have been Swine Flu. A normal cold it was not.

Of course, this doesn’t help me for the up-coming event (I will be riding for 6 hours) which I had planned to train for during my time off. I am hoping that my riding partner isn’t taking it as seriously.

I will try to take a couple of shots later on the bike to jazz it up a bit.


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