Denmark for a day

I am in Denmark at the moment visiting our new distributor. I find Denmark to be an interesting place, and the Danes too. It is a bike mad country, but bike are utilities for most. Our products are under-represented here which is something I want to address. I think I have found what I am looking for though. That is passionate, honest people who have good brands and ambition.

Flying completely in the face of this ‘utalitarian’ attitude to bikes however if their acceptance into common culture. Today I am in Aarhus. So is the tour of Denmark. It is good combine these things. It’s all work. Honest.


3 responses to “Denmark for a day

  1. bryanboyce

    Danish Culture is so different and interesting. I’m studying abroad near Copenhagen, I’m jealous you’ve been to Aarhus. Maybe you’d be interested in reading about my semester near Copenhagen –

  2. worksrider

    Hey Bryan, I read some of the posts on your blog – it took me back to doing my placement during university. Aarhus is a great place, and a good night out! You should go!

  3. bryanboyce

    Excellent, thanks for the advice! I hope to make it out that way for a night out or a whole weekend (I’ve heard from others as well that it’s a great night out, must be true!)

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