Germany Looms

Today is my last day in the UK before flying back to Germany for a couple of weeks. The more time I am in England, the more it feels like home again, and that going to Germany is ripping me away from everything. That is pretty dramatic, and perhaps I should calm down a bit!

It has been an interesting couple of weeks, with travel (Denmark), racing, riding, crashing – yes, lots of crashing, babies and Spotify!

Those of you not familiar with Spotify, it is amazing. Like iTunes, but free and completely legal. Download it now.

I have been listening to Little Boots (I have to buy this CD) and the Kinks, but pretty much anything is on there.

Yesterday I cleaned the bikes, filed off the lawyer tabs on a pair of Maguras and Rock Shox (was this a good idea? Bare Magnesium will oxidize and corrode?) polished and put them all away.

As of tomorrow, I am back to two weeks of rigid Kona! Should be fun.


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