Commuting on the old beast

All bikes are in England now, apart from my 1994 Kona. I pulled it out of the garage, and have commuted on it the past two days. It needs some love though! I have changed the cables, and just ordered a new chain and cassette. Actually, it isn’t as old as you would think… having last been rebuilt with XT in 2004, that is still 5 years ago though.

Last night we were at a colleagues place for a BBQ. I like this sort of German meat fest that they have, with free flowing beer. It was a bit male heavy though (8 guys, 2 girls) and the conversation for the most part was bike related.

Let’s see how quickly the cassette gets here, the chain is way too short having snapped previously, and until I swap it, I think it is a really bad idea to ride off road!


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