Getting back into things

I started ‘training’ on my birthday. I am now 30 years old, and I would like to be competitive again. Or rather, fitter than I am now. I am not fat, not even vaguely, but I have been in better shape, and frankly I am frightened of becoming fat. Scared of the belly, as it were.

Tuesday, which was my birthday, saw me on my road bike. It pissed it down with rain. Really rained a lot. But it was the type of ride that you start in the rain, and can get yourself mentally prepared for. So much fun.

Wednesday was the first visit to the gym that I have done in the last two years. Oh, how I hate gyms. I figure though that if I am going to not going to get muscle imbalances, and be able to throw the bike around properly, then a trip to the gym cannot be avoided.

I have even contacted a trainer.

Today, it was mountain biking (yesterday was bonfire night, so I went to the pub!) It rained a lot. Again


Wet bottle


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