Good for the head.

Interesting day yesterday. Perhaps not the best from the point of view of building myself back into the athlete that in my head I once was, but from the perspective of who I actually am, it was good for me.

The Pretty One banished me from the house about 3pm yesterday afternoon. Me being me, I hopped on my road bike, and went for a lumpy (there isn’t really ‘hilly’ around where I am) 38 mile road ride. It got dark, but the fantastic Exposure lights from my friend Rory meant that wasn’t a problem.

Tuesday was my birthday. I thought that something was going on. Sure enough, pulling back into my back garden, I notice that my parents car is there. I walk in, and am met by one of my best friends in the world, together with my brother and my parents. The cycling gear in this situation is always a great look.

What followed was a trip to London, and, in keeping with my Germanic slant on things, a trip to a Bavarian Beer Hall. The Pretty One had got about 30 of my friends and family together, and a rather messy night followed.

Awesome fun.

Today was a write off. That was only to be expected. I am now back in Germany.

What I can say though, is if you ever fly out of London Heathrow T1 with Lufthansa, Swiss, Austrian, or BMI, then try to fly business class and visit the BMI International Lounge. Seriously good. From the chicken Cesar salad, to the spicy parsnip soup. If it was just a normal bar I would go there. It is seriously opulent.


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