Table dance

Not blogged for the last two days, because I haven’t ridden.  That and that we haven’t had an internet connection.  In fact, I haven’t touched the bike.  The first reason was that we thought it would be best to have a rest day.  Rest day is a strange term, because actually having a lazy day was never going to be on the cards.  What was on the cards was climbing Table Mountain on foot.  For anyone who has done this, you’ll know it is far from a walk in the (national) park, and that it is almost hands and knees climbing at a couple of points.


Our time to make it to the top was pretty good.  A descent pace helped us completely.  At the top, the view was great, but I suppose spoilt somewhat by the way that is has been (tastefully) made easily accessible for all by the cable car.  The time that I most enjoyed was the climbing and descending of the path.  Fewer people, and it seriously got the heart rate going, with perhaps the way down being more strenuous than the way up.  Certainly it was harder on the legs.


Here are some pictures:


Yesterday I extended the tourist mission by travelling to Harmanus to see the whales there.  It is one of the only places worldwide where one can see whales from the shore.  It was a successful mission, not only with the whales, but with dolphins also showing up.  It was an awesome day.  Truly.  I am still chilled in a major way from seeing these majestic animals.  I am so glad that The Pretty One recommended that I go there, I am also very grateful to the friend who came with me on the day’s mission.

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