Pick Two

Yesterday it rained heavily, so after she returned from work, The Pretty One and I went to the gym. At the moment I am training without direction. Basically trying to introduce my body to being fit again, and all round fit. What I need to get out of my head is the thought that because I sometimes am unable to train as I would like (because of travel and work commitments) doesn’t mean that it isn’t worth doing as much as possible (keeping perspective) when I am able to train.

I need to develop a cycling specific programme for once a week, and an all round programme for once a week too. That is what I am working on at the moment.

I have been thinking about training and my objectives too. A while back, I worked very hard to make myself extremely fit and quick. There is a massive amount of selfishness involved in this, and sacrifice. No (or few) late nights, cut down on alcohol, eat properly etc. My thought however is that to train to take yourself to the ultimate you could be, you have a similar scenario to Keith Bontragers approach to bike components. His mantra is this:

Light, strong, cheap: Pick two.

Perhaps if you are training as an athlete the following is true:

Personal relationships, career, training: Pick two.

I would be interested in your thoughts on how to find a balance.


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