Daily Archives: December 8, 2009

It continues

Today I am sat in a Suite in the Tempus hotel in Taichung. I am on the 11th floor overlooking a frankly pretty ugly skyline. Below me I can see the swimming pool and spa area, which I plan to use in the coming days.  It is my first time in Taichung, and, so far, it feels pretty much like Taipei.  It looks similar too, although perhaps I am being unfair.  I have barely left the hotel.

This is a strange show.  It is strange because there is a ‘need to know’ air around it.  Products are being shown, but cameras are a no no.  Products are also behind closed doors.  I haven’t seen anything at all yet.  Nothing.  But I know.  I know but cannot tell!

SRAM are here, Shimano are milling around…. in fact someone from Shimano USA came looking for my friend Jeff today.  He isn’t here.  I asked though if there was anything interesting from them here.  He just smiled.  And that’s the point.  I don’t need to know.  I am not building a range of bikes, I don’t need to plan budgets and production runs.  I don’t need to co-ordinate just in time deliveries, and nor are you.

Tomorrow I plan to have a proper look about.  The show is spread across a number of hotels, and it would be good to be seen.  It would be good to just chat with industry people.

Sorry to disappoint Michele.