It continues

Today I am sat in a Suite in the Tempus hotel in Taichung. I am on the 11th floor overlooking a frankly pretty ugly skyline. Below me I can see the swimming pool and spa area, which I plan to use in the coming days.  It is my first time in Taichung, and, so far, it feels pretty much like Taipei.  It looks similar too, although perhaps I am being unfair.  I have barely left the hotel.

This is a strange show.  It is strange because there is a ‘need to know’ air around it.  Products are being shown, but cameras are a no no.  Products are also behind closed doors.  I haven’t seen anything at all yet.  Nothing.  But I know.  I know but cannot tell!

SRAM are here, Shimano are milling around…. in fact someone from Shimano USA came looking for my friend Jeff today.  He isn’t here.  I asked though if there was anything interesting from them here.  He just smiled.  And that’s the point.  I don’t need to know.  I am not building a range of bikes, I don’t need to plan budgets and production runs.  I don’t need to co-ordinate just in time deliveries, and nor are you.

Tomorrow I plan to have a proper look about.  The show is spread across a number of hotels, and it would be good to be seen.  It would be good to just chat with industry people.

Sorry to disappoint Michele.


One response to “It continues

  1. Fair enough!
    I remember the first thing I hear about this “show” was from you probably last year on WW and indeed I guessed it would be something like what you’re reporting.

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