Good day

Today was extremely positive and I now have more of an idea about what this show is about.  Actually, it is more like a series of meetings rather than a show, and perhaps that is why it is uninteresting for the press.  Everything is behind closed doors, but things actually seem to get done, rather than everything disappearing into the ‘glam’ of other, more public bike exhibitions.  There is a rumour that next year this will be a proper show, but at the moment it is spread across four hotels in Taichung.  Meetings take place in hired meeting rooms, or in hotel rooms.  There are bike people walking from room to room, and hotel to hotel.  Additionally there is a hotel out of town, which is a ‘product university’.  Manufacturers give presentations to a room of people about their products.  I have not been yet, but I think it could be worth doing for us too.

I have had a number of interesting meetings today.  I think some real progress has been made.  What is nice is that this is a lot more relaxed than any of the other shows.  It might be the lack of media here that does it, or the fact that it is a trade only event.  It means that people are willing to talk, and you know that what is said wont be repeated.  It is a code, of sorts.  The first rule of fight club…..

I did take a number of pictures today though as I walked around.  I can’t really comment on what I saw or was discussed, but I have convinced myself that I will return next December to extend our OEM business.


Bike route?!

No Access

Too cool for school

No Access



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