A manic week or so. Christmas is now behind us and New Year’s looms on the horizon. Thoughts are turning to next year, and what I plan to achieve. Is it time to make resolutions? Well, one of mine is of course to ride the bike as much as possible, but there are more fundamental things, like seeing my family more, as well as my own friends. For this, I need to plan more. I need to know my schedule more in advance and possibly book flights / tunnel / ferries a lot further out.

I will re-visit this at a later point.

The last few days has been spent with family. I have been also trying to get in some riding, but the weather here is just non-stop rain. For me, the rain isn’t something that actually puts me off riding, but it just makes the preparation last so much longer. You end up getting cold and wet while getting the bikes ready and that is hardly something that makes a ride attractive. Once you are actually riding though, it is okay. Then you arrive back home and promptly transfer all of that dirt and wetness into the house, have to wash everything, ensure you clean the bike before that goes away (or at least hose it down and use a water repelling spray on it) and then clean and feed yourself. It is all of this that takes massive amounts of time, and makes every ride a mission.

I was rather proud of myself though. I managed to get a ride in on Christmas day, as well as a swim. The swim is something we do each year, and it is a 15 mile ride from the house. Was great to stretch the legs on the fattest day of the year.

So…. rain…. perhaps I should get a home trainer?


2 responses to “Wetness

  1. Where are you located that you can go swimming on Christmas day?

  2. It is in Hampton, London. A heated outdoor pool that is open on Christmas Day for the morning. It has become tradition now.


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