Final ride of the year

Today the rain held off, and I had decided that whatever happens, much like on Christmas day, my road bike and I were going out on an outing. I was just releived at the lack of rain, because it significantly reduces the amount of faff involved in getting ready to go out, and more importantly, getting out of wet kit when you get back home.

The Pretty One was working, and sent me a text message telling me that if I did go out, that I needed to wrap up warm. She was right… the temperature was bearable, but the wind was biting.

I have come to a conclusion about riding in the winter. The clothes are not going to be ideal ever. You need to be warm on the descents while staying cool on the climbs….. it means a lot of zipping and unzipping.  That is something that I am happy to deal with, because the joy of being out there on the bike, just riding, when you know other people have chickened it.  Well that is a great feeling.


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