LHR – FRA. 1st flight in 2010

Just flew London to Frankfurt, it is my first flight of the year, and to be honest I expected the security to be stupid.  Idiots keep trying to target commercial flights, and sooner or later I am sure that they will succeed again.  Security in London though, in my opinion is very good and thankfully as a Lufthansa passenger, Lufthansa in Terminal 1 have their own security channel.  This is away from everyone else (BMI, Swiss, Austrian, South African amongst others) as L have a completely separate check in area, it is therefore very efficient.  I wonder if Lufthansa pays for it themselves?  It was very quiet, and no extra checks were apparent.  Straight through and no queue in either the Priority Channel, or the Non-Priority.  This is a massive advantage of Lufthansa’s move to Terminal 1 from the now defunct T2, where it was a free for all, and often massively crowded.  The other advantage is that the rather poor Lufthansa business class lounge has now gone, and Frequent Travelers are given access to London One, the BMI (which Lufthansa owns) International Lounge.  This is actually the nicest one I have ever been in, and the big L could learn a thing or two.  This is progress….. at least it would be, if it wasn’t at the other end of the terminal from where L has its gates.  In my last four flights, the lovely L (or probably someone on their behalf) has decided to change the status on the screens from ‘wait in departure area’ to ‘go to gate 27a’ to ‘boarding’ with in the space of 30 seconds.  When it says this it is a lie.  It is not boarding….. it is sitting there doing nothing, and so will you at the shitty gate for ten minutes in which you could have been flitting through Dixons or looking at watches that you can’t afford in the shopping area.  Why they do this, I don’t know, but placing their more loyal customers at the other end of the terminal and then watching them run (or walk quickly, I am British after all) to the other side of the terminal seems a little foolish.  Maybe it is good to watch all the uppity business travelers and card holders thinking they are better than everyone else (I am including myself in this) being made to sweat it?


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