Lazy Day

Massively lazy day today.  The trade show time warp is upon me, and I need a little time to recover.  Sleeping was paramount, then wading through emails.  I feel no guilt for working a half day, as Sunday was spent talking product.

Time out and away from the everydayness of emails and ordering is also good to try to categorise and prioritise the discussions and suggestions that come out of any show / visit.  This is the difficult thing as there are so many different ideas, and so many different things that occur and opportunities that arise.  In all of the excitement of it, other things can get lost.

Today, I shall write a list.  This will be a list of things to do tomorrow and friday.  Then I plan to go to the cinema!  I think we are going to watch Up In The Air…

This is SO me….

Full Trailer here…..


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