(Anti)-Social Networking

Funny situation.  I am back in Germany and my knee is playing up.  I want to ride a bike, but I can’t because of my knee (although it wont destroy me) but also because of having left half of the warm stuff in the UK.  This is the bane of my life.  Travelling a lot is fine, if you aren’t forgetful.  If you are forgetful, then it all can become very very expensive, because you buy a second copy of whatever you need.  With this in mind, I should have lists, physical ones that I go through.  I am just not that organised.

Speaking of which, I just deactivated my Facebook account.  Why?  Because I am addicted to such websites.  I find them compulsive, perhaps because of my living situation.  I find them extremely useful too, but need to just temper my use for a couple of weeks.  People who need to contact me can do so using more conventional methods (such as Skype)!  I will reactivate at some point in the future, but for the minute it is closed to all traffic.  I just want to see if I get more done (and more sleep, and speak on the phone to more people!).


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