Vodafone Sure Signal

I have become a big fan of Spotify music service online for accessing music that I intend to purchase at a later date, or like, but not enough to own it.  Those of you familiar with this, and not paying the £9.99 to avoid the advertisements will also be familiar with the Vodafone adverts.  For those not familiar with them, they feature a guy calling his partner, and telling her he loves her.  The signal though is not good, and she replies “You love who?”.  His response….. “It’s you I love…. Adore.”  Countered by her asking “It’s who you love more?”

This continues until he says “We’re breaking up, I have to go.”  Referring of course to the phone signal.  She incredulously then asks “Are you seriously breaking up with me via mobile phone?”

All of this is part of Vodafone’s Sure Signal service.  Details of which are here. What I don’t understand about this service though is why Vodafone feels that you should pay for it?  I mean, if another mobile provider has good network where you are, then surely it is already Vodafones job to provide you with service – it has been proven it can be done.  Strikes me that Vodafone are asking their customers to pay for the same thing they are already getting their customers to pay for.  It is also the least one should expect from a mobile phone service provider.  A good mobile phone network coverage.

Hats off to Vodafone for addressing it, but seriously – could this not be counter productive for them?  The Pretty One is on Vodafone, and I asked her if she knew about this service, she was interested.  In our flat Vodafone signal is not great.  However, when I explained further, we both concluded it would be far better switching to o2 (which I am on) to get the service at home, without the extra outlay, and another box of blinking LEDs plugged in to the router, also constantly on and sucking up our broadband (incidentally also provided by o2)!


2 responses to “Vodafone Sure Signal

  1. I think you’ve some what missed the point.

    As Vodafone has no control over the thickness, density and overall makeup of the walls in your home and those around it. So it’s right to provide this type of product; that’s able to boost its signal in your home.

    Your poor signal might be due to the distance from the Vodafone mast, but I can assure you my poor signal at home on O2 is because of my home. After all I’ve only got to step out of my front gate and I get full signal.

    Given that it’s only a one off charge for most, it’s actually quite a good idea. I just wish the likes of O2 would do the same.

    I’d like it to be free, but more importantly I’d just like to have the option.

  2. Thanks for your response Si… I think I covered that in my comment.

    “I mean, if another mobile provider has good network where you are, then surely it is already Vodafones job to provide you with service – it has been proven it can be done”

    Our poor signal may be to do with the 150 year old building, basement flat and 60 – 80cm thick walls. However o2 doesn’t seem to have a problem.

    I like the idea of this…. but I question why Vodafone charges for it – I know, personally that if I spent as much with Vodafone as I do with o2 I would expect them to provide this free of charge.

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