Those of you who know me, will know that I recently bought a digital SLR. As with all of these things, I did a little research before purchasing, and after a bit of deliberation I decided that I would just buy an entry level one. Photography, talking to friends such as Jonny Gawler, Yos and recently Charlie Waite tell me that it is all about the eye of the user.

One thing I will say about the camera is that digital photo will need a little enhancement to allow it to really bring out the best of what you saw. I use a freeware programme called Gimp. A digital photo usually needs a bit of colour work to saturate the colours properly, and if you are using a cheap lens (which most of you will be) then a little adjustment will sharpen it up.

I found a good little guide on the South African ‘Getaway’ magazine site that talked through ‘processing’ your own digital photos. It explains that this is no more than what a lab previously did for you, and if you are relying on the camera settings and compression and not shooting in RAW you will lose something.

Anyway, I have been taking a number of photos since and playing around with things. I thought that some of these might interest you (particularly as they aren’t much to do with bikes!).

Click on them for high resolution versions.  The look pretty as desktop wallpapers!

There are a lot of others that I am very proud of (perhaps more so than these), but I don’t wish to publish photographs of people without asking them first.

2 responses to “Photography

  1. i love the elliephunt. have fun with your new camera. get an external hard drive, those bad boys will take up loads of space! organise them now before you have thousands. don’t forget to print your faves. those are my tips.

  2. Hi you. Thanks for the flowers! I have a 150gb external drive that work gave me, and am trying to be really fastidious about sorting the photos. The Canon Software really helps, and I delete way more than I take too. I then do low res copies for iPhoto. I just wished I had bought a DSLR earlier to be honest.

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