I took a few days out last week to go with the Pretty One to Berlin.  Strangely enough although I have been coming backwards and forwards to Germany for years and year, I had never been to Berlin.  I had wanted to, just hadn’t done it.  Reason – perhaps that I used to always go to an area of Germany on holiday where I knew people.  It was in the south.  Then, once I worked in Germany for a few years, the thought of it as a holiday destination kind of lost its appeal.

Germany is a country with an interesting recent past, and nowhere in Germany is that more apparent than in Berlin.  Why I had never been was something that niggled at me….  when, before Christmas I was thinking about what to get The Pretty One for Christmas, I suddenly thought about concert tickets.  Searching around for Florence and the Machine dates, I found them playing in late Feb in Berlin.  Ideal.

It is a shame to a certain extent that it took me so long to go.  I sensed that as we walked around.  I first came to Germany in 1994, and did, at the time, travel to East Germany.  I just remember a greyness in the vehicles, and  buildings.  I was 14 though!  Over the years, I had wanted to go to Berlin to see the contrast and to feel the juxtaposition.  In many ways I am annoyed at myself that I never got off my ass sooner.

Some of the contrasts are till apparent.  Most of them aren’t.  The East and West parts of the city exist seemlessly, it is only from above that you really get an idea of it.  The best place to see this is from the Fernsehturm.

Anyway, here are some photos.

The main reason for going to Berlin at this particular time?  Went to see a Florence + The Machine concert.  That girl has such an amazing voice.


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