Why do you want to work here?

IT seemed like a great idea at the time. “I wont be here, she can stay in my apartment”.

We have a new member of staff. I met her once, and gave her a good grilling. It was part of the interview process. “Why do you want to work here?… I see, but couldn’t you do that anywhere?… Hmmm…. So you aren’t a cyclist?…. No that’s good, a different angle, and all”. My job, while weighing up the candidate (I gave her the green light to my colleague – who made the decision) was to test her English. It was also, as she is a designer, to see if she likes ‘designing things’ or ‘designing things to sell them’. There is a huge difference.

Anyway, she needs somewhere to stay. As I am travelling in March a bit, and also in April, my German apartment will sit empty (just eating money really, for no good reason) so to cut the losses, and to do the ‘newbie’ a favour, I offered it to her for the same amount a week, as you would pay in a hotel for a night. I will freely admit that a hotel would be nicer, but being able to cook your own food is a bonus.

Now, I don’t hugely like my apartment in Germany. In fact, nothing in it means anything to me, which is why I don’t mind letting someone I don’t know stay here. There is only a wooden box that I would like to retain when I move out. Perhaps I can persuade her to buy it all? After all, she may need furniture. Alright, maybe not.

So, it is a plan, that has been set into motion. Only, I forgot that it would mean that I would have to clean the place. So that was a fun evening. It was very dusty. It is clean now. But is it German clean? Will this ‘newbie’ think I am a dreadful slob?

She’ll have internet though, and a telly. A DVD player, and all of my ‘old’ clothes (that I wear in Germany where I don’t worry too much about what I look like – means I fit in j/k). It wont be too bad. All the same just to underline stereotypes, I have left 9 cans of baked beans and a jar of mint sauce in the cupboard.

What an odd way to get to know someone though?!


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