Flights 11 and 12

Flight 11 was an Airbus 380-800 LHR – SIN

This being a brand new aircraft, I was kind of excited by flying in it (I had to fly, and being on a brand new plane is about the only thing that can make it exciting – to put it into perspective, it was still dull!)

It was also my first time flying Singapore Airlines, a SkyTrax 5 star airline.  I was in the back, but had got a good seat (no seat in front of me) and the service was spot on.  Movies were good, and the screen size for the movies on demand was also good, in a contrast to flight 12.

Flight 12 – SIN – TPE Boeing 777-200

777s are usually one of my planes of choice (I know, sorry!) for long haul.  They were built with seat back entertainment being the norm, and so had it from the start.  This contrasts to 747s where many have been retro-fitted with it, and this makes it unreliable.  Singapore airlines ones are the earliest off the production line, and while the room was ‘okay’ the 9 abreast seating 3-3-3 in economy makes it feel rammed (usually 777 are 2-4-2).  Flight was only 4.25 hrs though, so not too bad.

Service was again very good.

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