Taipei Cycle

So it is another trade show. This one is perhaps the best one of all. It is the most honest. Downstairs are all the OEM manufacturers, and upstairs are all the brands. It is honest because you see brands having chats with their manufacturers, and no one blinks. There is an honesty about it. There are few people blagging their way in, and fewer wannabes. It is refreshing and self limiting, because the cost of the flight is high. You have to be a very committed bike freak to travel here to try to con your way in.

Taipei Cycle is one of the big three. I meet with the distributors, and talk product. Products are launched and previews done (if you know who to talk to) – XTR 2011 anyone?!

I arrived here on Monday, flying from London to Singapore on an A380. Being an aeroplane geek, this was quite exciting. On the flight I watched a couple of great films. An Education and Liebe Mauer.

The first is multi award winning, so it was not a great surprise that I enjoyed it so much. The second is about a love affair in Berlin just before the fall of the wall. I watched this because of having been there recently, and so the points of reference were all fresh in my mind. Trailer is in German.

An Education

Liebe Mauer


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