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I am wearing their t-shirt right now… this is a great little video (if a little american).

Rain in LA

I don’t understand…. is it because I am here?  It rained today, so I didn’t really do that much.  Did some work, called United Airlines, was disappointed!  Flights are starting again now… although on the flyer’s forums (yes, I have been reading them) there have been rumours of a couple of flights having had problems since the airspace has re-opened.

I just accidentally called my parents at 2:18am.  I hope that doesn’t make them worry!

Hope to meet up with a friend from university tomorrow who lives here.  I need a fix of Englishness….


As I look above my head, I can’t see a single cloud.  There are birds tweeting and chirping.  I don’t know if they are pets, or if they are wild.  They could be either.  The beautiful sky is a rich blue colour.  The sun is beating down on me, as I sit, with my computer in the back yard of a colleague’s house.

The day started with an alarm call at 7am.  I got up, packed my stuff and met with a couple of the other guys outside our hotel.  We hopped into the rental cars and drove up the famous ‘Route 1’, the coast road, from Monterey to San Francisco, passing through Santa Cruz along the way.  It was a bit of a pointless mission, of that we were all positive, however we still had to give it a go.  We checked with the United Airline’s website to see if our flights to London had been cancelled, but there was nothing to tell us if they had or not.

The drive itself is lovely.  Just so beautiful.  I have practically driven all of the coast road now between LA and San Fran, and if you have the opportunity and the time, this is the best way to move between these two cities.  It is a road, so photos don’t really do it justice, but I will post this one just to give you the idea.

Arriving at the airport, things didn’t look good as I spotted a British Airways 747 literally parked up away from the terminal.  Near it were a Lufthansa 747 and a 340-600.  All parked up and sleeping.  From the monorail (this word always has me thinking of the Simpsons!) there were Air France and a Virgin jumbos in view.  They were parked practically nose to nose – also obviously not going anywhere.

The departure board then confirmed what we already knew.  The flight was cancelled.  Let the queuing begin!  At this point I split from my colleagues.  They are heading to Germany, and I am heading to the UK, so asking what my options were, the agent told me that I would be standby for all London bound flights as of the next day, and that they would need to re-book me onto the next available departure to London.  At this time, unfortunately, this was on the 29th!

The previous day I had hatched a back-up plan.  Return to LA and stay with a colleague there, until it literally blows over.   My thinking was that I would be able to book a flight from SanFran to LA paying full fare, and therefore making it fully refundable.  This would then allow me to fly to his house and hopefully get re-scheduled to London from LA without any penalty.  I explained this to the agent, and asked the availability LAX to LHR.  The first open seat was then on the 27th.  That is progress, of sorts, so I asked her to reserve it, reticket and change the frequent flyer number (I am collecting on a different programme) to reflect my ‘one up from the great unwashed’ status, and give me a slight priority on the wait list.  With the charm turned up to ten, I then went about enquiring rather casually, how I would get to LA.  It worked a treat, and the agent gave me a free transfer, allowing me to cancel and claim the refund on the previous day’s ticket purchase.  What was even better was that at the gate, the gate agent spotted the ‘one up from the great unwashed’ card, and upgraded me to a better seat in the ‘economy plus cabin’ rather than right in the back.  The difference is mostly in the head of those having their ego’s stroked, but there is little wrong with that!

So here I am.  Back in LA and sitting in the sun.  The volcano is still erupting, and I am to check the flight status everyday to see if I get a standby seat on a different flight.  In the meantime, I will work from here.  In my job there is very little that changes because of my location.  As long as I have my pooter and email I can work.

Pass the sunblock.

Sea Otter and Volcanoes Continue

We went and picked up Team Rider Dave Weins yesterday from the airport.  Anyone who knows Dave will confirm that he is one of the nicest, gentlest and warmest people in the whole scene.  It is an honour to count him amongst my friends, and that his face genuinely lights up in friendship when he greets you.

He is leading a 100 mile ‘Grand Fondo’ today at the Otter.  It involved a 7am start for him.  I am sure that at the end of it, he will still be pretty fresh and joking around.

The show itself is pretty cool.  We were massively busy yesterday selling product and explaining it to people.  Fans of the brand were also out in force, willing to consume anything related to the brand at all.  They wanted plastic bags, jerseys, t-shirts, grips, whatever (we’re a grip company).  We didn’t have any t-shirts in the size they wanted, so I literally took the one off my back and sold it to them (it was fresh that morning, and brand new, so I didn’t feel that bad).  Funny though to to sell the shirt off my back.

The night before last we were at the premiere of ‘Ride the Divide’.  We sponsored this movie, and watching it at the IMAX was pretty good.  It sees riders taking on the great divide riding from Canada to Mexico, none stop.

On another note, I am facing up to the prospect of my flight being cancelled due to the volcano.  I am planning going to LA and staying in a hotel or at a colleagues house.  I presume that this is all a travel insurance thing, but need to check it out.  I think it may be defined as ‘an act of God’ – although given I don’t believe – I don’t know what that means for me!?


So the airspace over the UK and a lot of Europe is closed.  Volcanic ash from the Icelandic volcano eruption.  My flight back to Europe isn’t scheduled until Monday, arriving in Europe Tuesday morning.  As yet, I don’t really think I need to worry, but I will be keeping an eye on the situation.  If it worsens or continues through Saturday, I will perhaps be effected.  The aircraft will simply be in the wrong places at the wrong times, and getting everything back to normal will take forever.

It is a strange feeling.  Normally I have a safe little thing, filed away in my head.  I know, that no matter where I am in the world, I can get home.  I just need to grab the plastic and I will be able to fly, short notice (should I need to) to anywhere.  At the moment, for the first time, I just can’t do this.  The option has gone.  So I am trapped.  My get out of jail free card is useless.  I don’t like that feeling.

Sea Otter Day One

The Sea Otter festival is situated in a lovely part of the World.  Reason enough for come here for many people.  Certainly it doesn’t put me off.  It is at Laguna Seca, in California, a famous race track, about 5 miles inland from the coast, and a lovely area.  The event today was really quite slow.  Crank Brothers unvieled their new bars and stems, but I didn’t get any photos.  Hans Rey and Richie Schlay popped by to say hello and showed me theirs though.  The products look great (did we expect anything else?) and I hope to get my hands on the product within the next few days.

For me, this event is about being customer facing.  I get to talk to the end customers about our products – this is something in the normal day to day business I never get to do.  It helps me gather feedback about our products, and also helps me gather arguments to pass on to all of the distributors – I actually have a feel for selling the product myself.

Here are a couple pictures of the area…. tomorrow I hope to get more product related stuff….


Today was spent in a studio outside of LA (up the coast, in Carpinteria) talking through our products for the website. The brand is aware that we have previously let people get away with producing products that are similar to ours – we are now explaining why they are a waste of your money.

We are producing a number videos and even tutorials for the web. This involved the use of a proper studio, green screen, teleprompter and the rest of the paraphernalia. It was a massively interesting experience. I certainly think that this will be progress for us.

It was a pretty nice area.

After the filming we moved on up to Monterey for the Sea Otter Classic Bike Show. The is a massive festival marking the start of the season for the USA. I will post a load of pictures from this event as it goes on.

Managed to get another run in too. Getting into this. I even purchased running kit and found this trial.

Yes, I am enjoying myself.

2.40am and couldn’t sleep

So I put on my running shoes, and headed out.  I have been doing a lot of running recently (within the last couple of weeks) and so, as the stars twinkled I ran along the coast and through the dunes.  The sea air was refreshing, weaving my along the beach was liberating.  Looking out to sea, the lights twinkled on the oil rigs.  It was good to kick start me again, and 40mins later, I felt less like it was 3.30am and more like it was 7.30pm.

I am in California, and the 2.14am time thing was the time my body was telling me it was.  That was london time.  A dusk run is helping me get over the jetlag.  I went for one yesterday straight off the flight too, in LA.

I am here doing some filming for the brand’s website before the Sea Otter Festival in Monterey.  I will post some pictures in the next couple of days.


I really need to update the blog…. there is so much to write about, as I realise that I haven’t yet posted about Singapore and yet the next trip is on the horizon. There is also my company’s 25th anniversary party (which I am unable to attend owing to a transatlantic flight the following day leaving from a different country) to cover.

I have just had dinner in Germany with another brand, who were picking my brain for ideas about launching in the UK. I am very flattered to be asked and enjoyed providing details where possible. As yet, too early to give anything away.

My life will change pattern slightly in the next few months. I need to sell my car in Germany, and move out of the apartment. I plan to spend a week a month here now (Germany) with the rest of my time either travelling or in the UK. I am very excited about it, and potentially leading a bit more of a normal life in terms of seeing my friends and going out. I will be in the UK every weekend from now on (apart from the next few, which is just sod’s law).

I am amazed to see so many views on this forum for the past couple of weeks. Come out of the shadows…. who are you people?