Daily Archives: April 7, 2010


I really need to update the blog…. there is so much to write about, as I realise that I haven’t yet posted about Singapore and yet the next trip is on the horizon. There is also my company’s 25th anniversary party (which I am unable to attend owing to a transatlantic flight the following day leaving from a different country) to cover.

I have just had dinner in Germany with another brand, who were picking my brain for ideas about launching in the UK. I am very flattered to be asked and enjoyed providing details where possible. As yet, too early to give anything away.

My life will change pattern slightly in the next few months. I need to sell my car in Germany, and move out of the apartment. I plan to spend a week a month here now (Germany) with the rest of my time either travelling or in the UK. I am very excited about it, and potentially leading a bit more of a normal life in terms of seeing my friends and going out. I will be in the UK every weekend from now on (apart from the next few, which is just sod’s law).

I am amazed to see so many views on this forum for the past couple of weeks. Come out of the shadows…. who are you people?