Sea Otter Day One

The Sea Otter festival is situated in a lovely part of the World.  Reason enough for come here for many people.  Certainly it doesn’t put me off.  It is at Laguna Seca, in California, a famous race track, about 5 miles inland from the coast, and a lovely area.  The event today was really quite slow.  Crank Brothers unvieled their new bars and stems, but I didn’t get any photos.  Hans Rey and Richie Schlay popped by to say hello and showed me theirs though.  The products look great (did we expect anything else?) and I hope to get my hands on the product within the next few days.

For me, this event is about being customer facing.  I get to talk to the end customers about our products – this is something in the normal day to day business I never get to do.  It helps me gather feedback about our products, and also helps me gather arguments to pass on to all of the distributors – I actually have a feel for selling the product myself.

Here are a couple pictures of the area…. tomorrow I hope to get more product related stuff….


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